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Liquid humic acid organic fertilizer

Place of Origin Shandong
Brand Name LOYAL
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price US $ 1000-1300 / Ton
Payment Terms D/A,Western Union

Product Features

Product Description

Humic Acid Boron Fertilizer is a high polymer compound. It is water soluble and with alkaline feature, rich in natural chelated trace elements. As a kind of stimulant, it stimulates plant growth, improves the soil structure and aeration. Also, it increases the microbiological activity of soil, improves nutrient uptake through the root system, reduces nutrients loss and enhances the ability of anti-disease of plants. It accelerates flower bud differentiation, and increases fruit livability by providing B, especially to beans, fruits or oil-bearing crops. It can be applied alone or together with other fertilizers (except potassium fertilizers).


1.Dissolve fast and high efficiency, convenient to apply, suitable for flood irrigation, dripirrigation, open feild application;
2.Improve soil condition, hold water ability and resist against drought, improve acid soil, crack  soil compaction, improve soil microbial flora.
3.Promote root growth; improve the ability of root absorption of nutrients;
4.Increase the chlorophyll content; improve the ability of crop photosynthesis, make the plant strong and fruits big ;
5.Environmental protection and high efficiency, saving water and fertilizer, improve water and  fertilizer utilization rate;
6.Enhance crop resistance to stress, improve the resist ability against cold, drought, salt and  alkali 


1. Q: Are you a trading company or factory? 
A: We have two subsidiary factories more than ten years.
2. Q: What is the cost of your products?
A: We have so many products and have different formulation of every series. I will recommend you the most suitable product for you as you tell me your definite demands. And we will send you email including detail information and quote for you!
3. Q: Do you have distributors in our country?
A: We are looking for distributors in the world.

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